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How to Create a Course




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Foodiwant User Guide  » Courses

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Follow the steps below to begin creating your first course. Share your expertise with hospitality professionals aiming to improve their skills and the industry.


Step 1: Sign in to your account

Sign in to get started. To create a course, you will first need to have a verified and active account.


Step 2: Navigate to courses

After logging in, you're ready to add your course. Navigate to Courses in your app menu or by clicking"Training & Development" in the footer to be redirected to the Courses section.

Step 3: Create a new course

In the Food Directory area, you will see a “+” icon at the bottom right of your screen. Click the +icon to start adding your Course.

 Step 4: Fill in course details

Fill out the boxes with the information required in creating your course such as; title, custom URL (optional), tags, course description, category, and course profile photo. Make your title straightforward to easily grab the reader's attention. The tags that will be added should be highly related to your course to show the readers what they can expect from your course.


Step 5: Adjust settings & Create

Enter additional information about your course that will help members to find your course. Pick a category, course price,


Step 6: Finding Your Dashboard

Next, go to the course page and click Dashboard where you can further personalize your course for the best e-learning experience.


Step 7: Create course lectures

Manage your course from within your dashboard.

In your dashboard, go to Manage Lectures and Test > Manage Lectures. Create text or video Lectures, or a combination of the two.


Step 8: Create test questions

Go to Manage Lectures and Test > Manage Test > Create Test. Create test questions with answers that are true/false, single answer, or multiple choice.


 Step 9: Course Insights

Within your dashboard you see the full details on how your course is performing. View your sales stats, order statistics, and a downloadable sales report, viewable by the hour, day, week, or month.


  Step 10: Publish & Enable

Once finished customizing your course content and details, go back to Manage Course > Edit Course to publish and enable so that members can begin their learning journey.



That's it! You're ready to begin