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How to create a restaurant page




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Foodiwant User Guide  » Food Directory

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Create an account on Foodiwant

Before you can add a restaurant to the directory, you will first need to create an account. Basic information such as your email, your name, and other basic details are required.

Confirm your account

You will then need to log into your email and confirm your email in order to get access to the features on the marketplace.

Navigate for Food Directory

After you have confirmed your email, You're now ready to add your restaurant. Navigate to the Food Directory section of the marketplace (Link can be in menu doc at the top or in the footer)

Create a new Food Spot (option 1)

In the Food Directory area, you will see a +icon at the bottom right of your screen. Click the +icon to start adding your Restaurant/Food Spot.

Option two (2)

You will also see a “Create a new Food Spot” link in the section navigation

Select a category

In the next section, you will need to choose a category that best matches your restaurant type and the cuisine it sells. For example; Italian, Vegan, Seafood, Asian Fusion, etc.

Add a restaurant name (business title)

After selecting your category, you will see a pop-up window to enter your restaurant name (business title). The matching username will be generated for your restaurant in the next field. For example; Business Name: Sake Den Profile address: sake-den. 

After this is complete click “Get Started” to continue

Business page dashboard

The next stop is your restaurant page dashboard. Here you will be able to enter information for your business such as; restaurant logo, page design, location(s), operating hours, add your services, upload menu items and manage your team.

Note: For the Price you can use $1 as the default (or lowest-priced item on your menu), and select “Starting Price” for the Price Type field.

Once you’re finished adding the details for your restaurant, choose your privacy settings and click save. That’s it! Your restaurant now has a dynamic page to target and attract more foodies to your food spot.


Don’t forget to create a few posts to update the status of your page.