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Foodiwant was created to be a resource for restaurants and food industry professionals. With unprecedented events occurring that are drastically affecting the restaurant industry, let us help you maintain business and prepare for future growth.


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Local restaurants, the foot traffic coming into your restaurant has taken a vicious hit. Public policies and rules, along with public fear, have limited dine in traffic and hurt your business. The Foodiwant platform was created to help you optimize your business, save time and money, and attract more customers.

Give your restaurant a fighting chance by using a tool created to help you compete and grow.

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Add your restaurant to the food directory for free and begin attracting more customers to drive more sales. Utilize the list of resources that can help to build your restaurant.

  • Find Experienced staff.
  • Create On-Demand trusted server list.
  • Use influencer marketing to drive sales.
  • Partner with servers and content contributors to drive traffic.

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Increase Your Revenue

Boost your bottom line by increasing how much your restaurant makes from catering orders. Foodiwant helps diners have great group gathering experiences by providing them with amazing food and outstanding service, bringing you larger orders to grow your profit margin.

Extend Restaurant Reach

Cut the barriers between you and your customers and allow them to enjoy your delicious food wherever they wish to dine. Foodiwant's network of professional servers will bring your amazing food to diners at dinner parties, business meetings, backyard brunches, networking events and in other group settings.

Attract More Customers

You can attract and retain more customers in our social ordering ecosystem to increase your revenue. Make amazing mouthwatering food and have us deliver it to groups in experiential settings, and turn diners who are enjoying your food for the first time into permanent fans of your restaurant.